— Ashley Towers

I look a bit like this...

I look a bit like this…

Hi, my name is Ashley Towers, and I’m a Research Software Engineer based in Sheffield, England. This site contains my rants and musings on the software/technology field and other things I care about.

In my day job I work for The School of Clinical Dentistry at The University of Sheffield where I’m writing a clinical portfolio for undergraduate dental students to track the procedures they have carried out. The majority of my time is spent doing full stack development and managing the system/rollout but I’m now beginning to start mining the data to look for insights; and am hoping to start work towards a PhD based on this next year.

I am passionate about writing usable software and solving people’s problems. I firmly believe that software development should be a fully fledged profession on a par with medicine and architecture so to that end I’m a professional grade member of the British Computing Society (MBCS) and am currently trying to get my ducks in a row to apply for chartered engineer status.

Outside of work, I’m a dad to 2 daughters. My interests include: photography, gaming, playing guitar and football.

As for football, I’m a Sheffield Wednesday fan, born and bred in Hillsborough. I adopted Rotherham United as my 2nd team after meeting my, then future, wife who comes from a family of Millers. Though it was a much easier to have them as my 2nd team when Wednesday were in the Premiership and Rotherham were in the lower leagues! Finally, since moving to Crosspool I’ve been taking an interest in my (very) local non-league club Hallam FC.

If you’ve enjoyed any of my posts then please get in touch I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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