— Ashley Towers



Thanks for reading. You’re awesome; you really are. I’m going to have another go at blogging. My other blog http://www.usabilityfriction.com is lying somewhat unloved. I want to write stuff for it, I really do, but theres other things I want to write about; things that bother me now and UF as a single purpose site doesn’t really facilitate that.

So the idea is that this personal site will let me get these other things off my chest, share some of the things I’m working on and maybe even unblock the pipe that is denying Usability Friction new content. We’ll see…

To kick this blog off I want to retrieve some content from my now deceased Posterous account, so please put your feet up and enjoy some vintage musings. Maybe think of these next few posts as the Dave re-runs. The new stuff will follow – I just think some of them are worth keeping…


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